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Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation - Supervised editorial development for web site redesign

Supervised editorial for massive website redesign


Case Study

Josh Daniel served as Senior Editor for a relaunch of The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s web site. In this capacity, Josh developed online messaging, and wrote, edited, and vetted content for the foundation’s global health, global development, and U.S. programs. Josh created and edited materials on the foundation’s approach to giving, a world map, and 25 topic snapshots of its programs. In addition, he edited selected video scripts and created a strategy for featuring content.

The Process: Content development was conducted through a carefully crafted process of collaboration, working with the web development team and communication officers representing the foundation’s programs. To start, Josh conducted an inventory of existing content. This was followed by the development of content goals, new formats, and messaging. Next, Josh wrote sample content, and then assembled and directed a team of writers and edited their work. He conducted content reviews with foundation officers, wrote additional content and promotions, and prepared materials for publication.

Josh Daniel is a talented writer and producer with a passion for creating content. We first collaborated at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Josh, as part of the foundation’s web team, partnered with my visual communications team who came to value his creative abilities and collegial disposition.

Josh and I recently collaborated for Educurious, a grantee of the Foundation. Serving as the Executive Producer, Josh managed a distributed production team with resounding success.