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Educurious - Directed video series that introduces experts to students and inspires learning.

Directed & produced video series to inspire students’ learning


Case Study

Educurious is a new educational start up funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that delivers high school curriculum through a web-based, social networking platform.

The organization asked Josh Daniel/Content Inventions to executive produce a series of web videos featuring prominent experts—Nobel-prize winning scientists, best-selling authors, award-winning film directors, and prominent politicians—sharing stories about how they do their work. This video series is designed to make the connection between the real world and school.

Content Inventions produced 75 videos over a two-year period, as well as a five-part documentary series on how the program works in the classroom. As Executive Producer, Josh supervised a team of producers, videographers, editors, sound design, and graphics—and directed over 50 of these videos himself.

The Process:

Josh began the development process by helping Educurious articulate its educational goals and discussing how to realize them through video. Next, he created a narrative structure for the video using short sequences and graphics to communicate concepts. Over the next two years, Content Inventions oversaw a search process to find compelling experts and identified educational goals for each video. From there, we moved into production—directing video shoots, supervising post-production and client reviews, and delivering.

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Full-length videos and selected, shorter preview versions are presented below.

As Executive Video Producer at Educurious, Josh brings both unflappable, results-driven project management capabilities along with strong interpersonal skills to ensure our videos present compelling stories. His creative approach blends with a detail orientation–to produce innovative, forceful and well-produced pieces that fit perfectly with our strategic mission to help students succeed.