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The Opportunity Agenda Survey - developed, designed, edited, and produced website

Transformed data into an opportunity story


Case Study

The Opportunity Agenda, a social justice communication lab, asked Josh Daniel and the team at Content Inventions/Hot Pepper Studios to transform its report on the status of Opportunity in America into a compelling, visual narrative — on a new website and a printed report.

The Process:

We began by asking questions to help The Opportunity Agenda articulate its goals and identify the key questions for shaping a narrative. We explored the brand identity and what this site needed to get stakeholders to do. Through this discovery, we developed a narrative and design strategy to turn the survey’s findings into a story. Next, we developed UX and design plans, and collaboratively wrote the homepage narrative and developed its imagery. Concurrently, we created a series of interactive graphs for use in online and print versions. The result: A media-rich homepage, an online report with interactive graphics, and a printable version.The final product was lauded for how it turned data into a story, and mobilized stakeholders to read and distribute this innovative study.

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We produced graphics to tell the Opportunity Story.

What shapes attitudes?
9 in 10 Americans
What mobilizes people?
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It was a pleasure working with Josh Daniel & the Content Inventions team. Through a highly collaborative process, Content Inventions designed a website that successfully translated complicated findings into accessible language and animated images which capture the sophisticated nature of the research while inviting viewers to engage more deeply with the findings.