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The Content Inventions creative process is designed to discover what you want, brainstorm how to make it shine, and write, direct, edit, and produce it to your satisfaction.


Step 1: Discovering

We start by exploring your project’s goals, audience, and budget. We meet in person or “virtually” to discuss your thoughts and needs and brainstorm together. Then, we sketch out ideas and develop concepts. A planing document is produced that presents a specific plan and budget. We outline what Content Inventions will do for you—ranging from writing and editing all editorial content, producing the video, creating a project team of designers, writers, and advisers, and overseeing the project’s production.

Step 2: Inventing

Once the concept document is approved, an editorial and design model is created. We deliver a site map or video plan, and a detailed content outline. Then we make a prototype with sample content—and we brainstorm some more! The content is reworked, and the concept adjusted for your approval.

Step 3: Crafting

Now we get busy creating the editorial content, producing the video, or overseeing product design. The product is delivered in alpha and beta phases, tested, reviewed by clients and experts, and revised to incorporate feedback.

Step 4: Delivering

The product is ready for final delivery. In this last stage, Content Inventions makes necessary tweaks to content and supervises final production. After delivery, the creative life of the project continues, as we supply additional content articles or product extensions that update and extend the brand.

What words describe an individual who knows how to create a playful and meaningful multimedia experience—yet is also deadly serious about meeting deadlines? How can you sum up someone capable of constructing a rich learning environment out of a mere idea? I can tell you in two words: Josh Daniel.