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Production for Social Good

Content Inventions has teamed with our partner Hot Pepper Studios, the producers of WebVisions, to provide full-service production for organizations working for social good — educational institutions, nonprofits, and change-agents.

We provide product design, content strategy & creation, cross-platform production, and distribution solutions at customized nonprofit rates. We craft powerful stories on multiple platforms, and create web, mobile, and video learning experiences that spark ideas and promote change.

We tailor our work with organizations in the right way for the right project:

  • We help organizations develop and crystalize goals and invent communications strategies to deliver upon them.
  • We produce viral video.
  • We provide instructional, web, mobile, and print design & production.
  • We specialize in the production of educational, science, and socially-relevant documentary content.
  • We translate complex concepts into compelling narratives that audiences engage with, and learn from.
  • We produce re-usable web graphics that illuminate ideas and portray possibilities.
  • We create distribution and social media solutions.
  • We tell stories for multiple audiences & stakeholders: communities, government officials, teachers, parents, kids, change-makers.
  • We manage production from concept to completion.


Case Studies

Success Stories

Josh Daniel, President, Cassy Soden, Senior Producer, and Brad Smith, Creative Director, have collectively and individually created winning media solutions for nonprofits and educational institutions.

Our success stories include projects for The University of Washington’s SDRG – Communities That Care, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Educurious, and The Teaching Channel (two organizations funded in part by the Gates Foundation), The Institute for Social Good, The National Academies of Sciences and production of over 20 PBS websites, documentaries, and series.